Loreena McKennitt – The Best of – The Journey So Far

Loreena McKennittAlbum title –  “The Journey So Far, the Best of Lorenna McKennitt”
Artist – Loreena McKennitt


What can one say about Loreena McKennitt that hasn’t already been said? This “Best of” is a celebration of her 3 decades as a Celtic recording star. And she has shown brightly during that time with sales of over 14 million albums!  Nominated for two Grammys’ and a winner of the Juno Award, her unique and easily recognizable voice and world beat style is summed up nicely on this Celtic CD brought to us by Universal Music Enterprises and curated by McKennitt herself. This popular CD by one of Celtic musics most popular stars contains 12 fan favorites including “Bonny Portmore” (traditional) from the soundtrack “Highlander III-The Sorcerer”, “The Mystic’s Dream” which was used in the mini-series “The Mists of Avalon”, the brutally haunting “Dante’s Prayer” and the crossover radio hit “The Mummers’ Dance.” If you purchase the deluxe edition of this Celtic CD you get 9 more hits recorded live, in high quality sound, from Germany, including “Night Ride Across the “Caucasus” (one of our favorites), “Full Circle” and “the Dark Night of the Soul.”  All of the included music is haunting, ethereal, sometimes sad, sometimes wistful, but always mysterious and delightful.

As mentioned above, this review is for the deluxe edition of the CD which includes the first CD with hits and a second CD with even more hits but done live from Mainz, Germany, July 2012 on the “A Midsummer Night’s Tour.” there is also a vinyl version and a digital version without the second CD.

Loreena McKennitt has a worldly style that is very easy to listen to and quite relaxing (sometimes too relaxing).  Her gentle voice will lull you into a dream state at times and take you on a world tour at other times. She is known for a style that mixes Celtic, Eastern and Middle Eastern in interesting ways. Its very cool! Though not every song she does has the same sound which leads deeper into the experience forcing you all the way through the “The Journey So Far, the Best of Loreena McKennitt.” You feel somewhat like you have had an out of body experience, once complete. If you love Celtic music mixed with other cultural styles, you will love this CD.

Loreena McKennitt Says

McKennitt says, “When I look back on the road from where I have come, the people I’ve met, the places and experiences which have informed the music, or even where we created or recorded the music, I marvel at how rich my journey has been. I recognize that many people will be hoping for a new recording and I am delighted to say that the process of researching a new recording has begun.  At the same time we’ve learned that for one reason or another, certain parts of the world have only had limited access to my catalog and this 30th Anniversary is an opportunity for us to introduce them to some of the musical highlights over these 30 years.”

Her releases include seven studio albums, three seasonal recordings, and a live concert DVD from the Alhambra in Spain. She received double-platinum awards for 1997’s “The Book of Secrets” and the radio hit “The Mummers’ Dance”, which appears on this CD.  She is known for recording her albums in various locations outside and in and is a self-manged individualist who established her own recording label and publishing company called “Quinlan Road.” She has performed all over the world for Heads of State, dignitaries and Queen Elizabeth II. In 2004 she was awarded the Order of Canada, the highest civilian honor there (where she is from).  McKennitt also holds four honorary degrees for her non-musical philanthropic endeavors.

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“The Journey So Far, the Best of Loreena McKennitt” is highly recommended for any Celtic or Irish collection.  Besides, no Collection of music, period, is complete without some Loreena McKennitt!

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