40 Mother’s Day Puns For A Mom-umental Insta Post With Your Favorite Human

Moms are the real superheroes of this world. They take care of you when you need them the most, they have the best hugs and advice, they will continue to support you when you’re trying to figure out your career path, and they will do it all while making you smile. Honestly, I could go on for days about how awesome moms are, but you already know. This Mother’s Day, in addition to planning a special celebration, show Mom how much you appreciate everything she’s done with a sweet Instagram post, complete with any one of these Mother’s Day puns.

Before you roll your eyes, I know puns can be cheesy AF, but they are the good kind of cheesiness that’ll make Mom’s day. You can’t help but smile when you see a good pun, just like you can’t help but to grin from ear to ear when your mom walks into the room. Puns and moms are so loved, so your mom will love a Mother’s Day text, card in the mail, or dedicated Instagram post with some punny words to show your affection. If you need a little help coming up with some on your own, here are 40 mom-inspired puns to choose from. You’ve really hit the jackpot with a mom-umental mother who deserves all the love you have to give on this holiday.

1. "Mom, there’s no otter like you." — Unknown

2. "You did a grape job raisin me." — Unknown

3. "I’m proud to be y’orchid." — Unknown

4. "Mom, you’re grate." — Unknown

5. "Mom, I love you loads, and thank you for doing all of that laundry." — Unknown

6. "Batmum, the original superhero." — Unknown

7. "You’re the berry best, Mom." — Unknown

8. "Olive you, Mom." — Unknown

9. "Mom, you’re pearfect." — Unknown

10. "Mom, I donut know what I would do without you." — Unknown

11. "You’re a koala-ty mom." — Unknown

12. "Thanks for raising me to be as sweet as you." — Unknown

13. "Mom, you make my world butter just by being in it." — Unknown

14. "A mother’s love is like no otter." — Unknown

15. "Mom, thank you for these awesome jeans." — Unknown

16. "You otter know, there’s no mom better than you." — Unknown

17. "Thank you for being the most egg-cellent mom." — Unknown

18. "Mom, you can’t be beet." — Unknown

19. "Mom, you’re one in a melon." — Unknown

20. "Nothing beets you, Mom." — Unknown

21. "Mom, you’re tea-riffic." — Unknown

22. "Yoda best, Mom. Love you I do." — Unknown

23. "Not a daisy goes by that I don’t think of you." — Unknown

24. "Dear Mom, why yes, I would like some cheese with that whine." — Unknown

25. "To the woman who rose me right." — Unknown

26. "Mom, you’re fan-tastic." — Unknown

27. "Whisking you the very happiest of days." — Unknown

28. "Mom, you’re sew amazing." — Unknown

29. "When it comes to parental love and support, I really hit the mother lode with you." — Unknown

30. "Thanks for all the mom-umental work you did to raise me." — Unknown

31. "Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who provided me womb and board all those years ago." — Unknown

32. "Mom, you’re proseccond to none." — Unknown

33. "I hope you have a mom-mentous Mother’s Day." — Unknown

34. "You are opti-mum." — Unknown

35. "You played a mom-umental role in my life." — Unknown

36. "Somehow, you always know how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. You must be mom-nicient." — Unknown

37. "You’re a souper mom." — Unknown

38. "Celebrating this mom-ongous occasion." — Unknown

39. "You da mom!" — Unknown

40. "Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for pudding up with me." — Unknown

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