Creative Irish Gifts

There are many occasions that are appropriate for creative Irish gifts. You may know someone who is of Irish descent and you may want to give something extra special for his or her birthday. You may be in search of a wedding present for an Irish person. There are many trite and downright distasteful presents […]

Irish Wolfhound Gifts

If you are in the mood to buy an Irish Wolfhound gift for a friend, you may want to check out your nearest gift shop, or pet store, or try online shopping for a much larger variety. Believe it or not you are certainly not alone in looking for a gift of that nature, since […]

Celtic Cross Gifts

Among the many Irish gifts a person can buy, the Celtic cross gift stands as one of the more popular. For anyone familiar with Irish gifts, or having been in a gift shop of that nature, the Celtic cross remains one of the emblems you probably remember most. It is your standard Latin Christian cross […]

Celtic and Irish Wedding Ideas and Rings

Many couples desire to have a wedding that is out of the ordinary and in keeping with that, special Celtic or Irish wedding rings which are uncommon. You should consider having an Irish or Celtic themed wedding, especially if you are of Celtic or Irish decent of course. The Celtic territories officially consist of Ireland, […]

Irish Hats – The Tweed Style

As strange as it may be the Irish are known for the excellent quality of their hats.  Any Irish gift shop you enter will have a variety of Irish hats.  It is one of the products in the Celtic community that the Irish are known for.  A decent Irish hat is a gift to cherish.  […]