So Your Child Wants To Be an Irish Dancer – How, What and Why – Part 1

Irish step dancing is one of the more interesting activities a child, or adult, can do. It is especially impressive for those of Irish decent. There is nothing like the pride involved in a timeless “sport” that comes from your heritage. I call it a sport because it is very similar to one, albeit a […]

How to Pronounce the Word “Celtic”

How do you enunciate the word Celtic? Is it pronounced “keltic” or “seltic?”

If you and your friends have been in an argument over how the word is pronounced you can stop. You are both correct. But is one more correct than the other?

The controversy arises because of several things. The origin and manipulation […]

The Irish in Pa. Coal Regions

Most of the Irish, who settled in Pennsylvania coal regions, prior to the great Irish famine (1845-1849), came from the counties of Kilkenny and Laois, in south-central Ireland. These Irish immigrants usually had experience working in coal mines and quickly assimilated into that working environment, progressing up the ladder of promotions at a steady pace. […]

Celtic Astrology

Before Christianity the Irish and other Celtic people certainly used a system of astrology. This can only be confirmed from the archeological remains throughout the Celtic regions or passed down oral tradition. From the 7th century A.D. and later we can more easily trace the history of Celtic astrology since there are records existing in […]

A Very Quick Intro to Celtic Paganism

Celtic Paganism is also referred to as Celtic Polytheism (the belief in more than one deity).  Evidence for Celtic Paganism is very scarce or non-existent and much of the history and information about it must be derived from writings of Romans and Greeks, architecture, drawings and other archeological discoveries.  It seems the Celts were not […]

Pennsylvania Irish History: The Early Years

In the early years of Pennsylvania, the Penn family invited settlers of all kinds to colonize the state.  To this call, responded many Irish, mostly from the northern Irish provinces.  The massive Irish emigration was unexpected and they were not the most respected people.  But it was too late to retract the open immigration policy.