Barleyjuice – Irish Music -This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things

barleyjuice why we cant Album Title: “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

Barleyjuice is:

Kyf Brewer
Keith Swanson
Shelley Weiss
Eric Worthington
Gregor Schroeder

Other guests on “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” are:

Scotlyn Brewer – Backing vocals on “Little O’Belle et Bonne” and “Sweet Young Thing”
Mike Hlatky – Upright bass on “Whiskey for Christmas”
Graham Ford, Julia Markovitz, Billy Dominick – Backing vocals on “St. Patrick’s Day”

“This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” – Alt meaning: We are too damn drunk, sleepy and and or rowdy to have nice things without breaking them.

Barleyjuice’s 7th Album

This is the official release of Barleyjuice’s 7th album! And the band members from the last album are all still there. However we hear that 2013 was the final year for Gregor and Shelley, which will be a bummer. New members will be Alice (someone) and Keith Barnes.

This new album is a gem and much more of the Barleyjuice we have come to love.  It is driving rhythms, rowdy singing, rock, blue grass and country sounds all wrapped in an Irish sound wave.  From their website it says:

“While Skulduggery Street was a musical story, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things is a collection of some of the best tunes we’ve come up with over the three years since. Boasting Kyf, Swanny & Eric’s continual writing maturity, the songs intertwine nicely as each musician extends his musical finesse to new stringed things. The covers we chose – from ex NYC cop John Rafferty’s fist-pumping tribute to The Monkees’ gem to the Gillian Welch adapted traditional – were chosen from past jams, discoveries and experimentations during our rehearsals and long journeys to you. Recorded at Kyf’s old farmhouse and mixed by old friend & mainstay Cliff Hillis, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things is more of the same quality stuff we’ve always given you – only better!”

As is the norm, Barleyjuice attempts to have us drink ourselves under the table with nearly every song.  While on the road for around 3 years touring in support of the album “Skulduggery Street” Barleyjuice managed to record this new collection of tunes. With 2014 they are ready to bring their stage excitement back to us now.  On how the album got its name, the band leader Kyf Brewer said, “We were in the van on the road to somewhere, where a multitude of apt and clever sayings were being bandied back and forth. When it (the title) got a chuckle from Swanny (Keith Swanson), we knew it was meant to be.  There’s no conceptual thread to these songs.  Really just more of what we do best, done better. We’re at the point with the band where the only challenge left is to write a new song that’s as good as the last favorite without sounding too much like it! Same with the covers. Just keep the creative edge sharp.”

barley juice album“This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” is pure fun like every Barleyjuice CD.  Listen to it a few times to get the full affect. It grows better with every listen. Our favorite has got to be “Whiskey for Christmas.” This is one of our favorite Barleyjuice songs of all time actually. “St Patrick’s Day” is a fantastic and rowdy start to a CD full of Irish talent and character. We love “St Patrick’s Day” also! “Lost on a Foggy Afternoon” is an instrumental Irish work of the highest caliber. It’s very thought provoking and peaceful.

It seems the band has increasingly improved their instrumental talent with every album. We have been huge fans of the lyrics that Barleyjuice comes up with.  Just look at these lyrics from “St. Patrick’s Day.” How poetic is this!

I like Paddy whiskey but Jamo is tops
See me drinkin Bushmills you best call the cops
I’m dapper Sunday morning, by night I’m a slob
Sleeping is my enemy, drinkin’s my job

(note: It is not that easy to find Paddy brand whiskey where we live and have yet to taste any)

Read the lyrics to each song here:


Songs on this CD are:

“St Patrick’s Day”
“3 Sheets to the Wind PT 1”
“3 Sheets to the Wind PT 2”
“Whiskey & Weed”
“Longest Night of the Year”
“Catholic Guilt”
“Whelan’s Barroom” (traditional/lyrics by Gillian Welch, adapted from Barroom Girls)
“Lost on a Foggy Afternoon”
“Whiskey for Christmas”
“Parish Jig”
“Little O’Belle et Bonne”
“Sweet Young Thing” (written by Mike Nesmith, Jerry Goffin, Carole King)

To purchase the CD online:

For additional INFO on the band:

Check Barleyjuice out on YouTube as well.  There are numerous videos there.

Read more Barleyjuice reviews on this site here:



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