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celtic pennsylvania logoWELCOME to the world’s largest online Celtic shopping experience. When one mentions “Celtic” it refers to the nations which share a common bond of Celtic culture in the arts, languages, history, music and traits.  There are 6 territories which have been classified as Celtic.  They are  Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales, though the most prominent one known to us all seems to be Ireland.

We are located in Pennsylvania which is a state settled by many Celtic settlers, particularly due to the coal mining industry. That is also why “Pennsylvania” appears in our name.

We are constantly searching the world wide market for Irish and other Celtic shopping inventory to bring to you in one place on the web. This gives you a fantastic place to purchase that unique Irish or Celtic gift for yourself or a loved one. In addition to these products you may find interesting articles of Celtic significance on this site.

The site is organized into Celtic shopping areas, or stores, just as if you are in a cyber-Celtic mall.  Have fun browsing!


Irish Hat Store

irish tweed hat

GO THERE NOW-CLICK HERE One characteristic we are all familiar with when it comes to describing the Irish is the Irish hat.  There are numerous styles of which you can find most in our specific Irish hat store. One of the more unique hats is the Irish patchwork style hat.  These are hats that have different colors of wool patches sewn together for a unique style not seen anywhere else.  They are becoming more popular every year for both men and women.  You can find these patchwork hats in a walking style for both sexes, a flat cap or driving cap for a man. The Irish flat cap or Scully is the traditional cap you see many men wearing.  They come in a Donegal tweed variety, patchwork, herringbone, solid colors or checkered. The Killarney hat is one for the ladies.  They are hand knit, made of wool, soft and very warm.  The style is unmistakable and resembles a pullover type hat with a lose brim.  They come in many colors. Other Irish type hats you may find appropriate for you are the walking hats or eske and thatch styles.  Look for all of these in our Irish hat store, exclusively selling hats.

Celtic Jewelry Store

Irish ring jewelry GO THERE NOW-CLICK HERE Irish and other Celtic jewelry is as popular as ever.  Sales of this type of jewelry usually exceed any other style of jewelry there is. There are several categories that Celtic jewelry can be broken into.  There are the basic silver and gold rings with Celtic knot designs for women and men, and for engagements or weddings. Many people are looking for Claddagh jewelry with the familiar two hands holding a heart design. You can also find very cool belly and toe rings as well as rings for unmentionable body parts! You can find Irish jewelry that is imported from factories in Ireland or one of a kind designs made in various counties across the world. A great place to buy any Celtic jewelry is at a Celtic festival or online where the selection is huge.  Take a look at our very comprehensive store for the ultimate selection.

Celtic Shirt Store

Irish shirt GO THERE NOW-CLICK HERE Irish and Celtic T-shirts and sweatshirts are highly prized and common Celtic shopping gifts.  Even those who aren’t Irish or Celtic love them. Everyone loves to think they have some Irish in them. In our exclusive Celtic Shirt Store you will find the Internet’s largest variety of Irish and other Celtic type T-shirts, Polo shirts, Sweat and long sleeved shirts. If you can think of nothing to buy for yourself or a friend, a Celtic T-shirt usually makes a popular gift and conversation piece.

More Celtic Shopping

Celtic shopping plaque GO THERE NOW-CLICK HERE In addition to a fantastic selection of Irish and Celtic hats, jewelry and pagan products there are many more items of Celtic interest to purchase here for a perfect gift. You can find Irish cross gifts for the religious person in your life who loves all things Irish or how about a garden ornament.  An Irish T-shirt is a popular gift and usually well received. One of the most endearing Celtic shopping gifts is the well known Irish or Scottish sweater.  You wont find any warmer! For a Unique gift try purchasing key chains, belt buckles or a dog product for an Irish Wolfhound or any other dog.

New Age Celtic Shopping

New Age Celtic Shopping Pagan GO THERE NOW-CLICK HERE Before the 5th AD. century when Christianity swept through Ireland there was the religion of Celtic polytheism known as paganism. This was all the people of the Celtic lands knew and practiced.  Paganism in the Celtic areas reached its peak around the 4th century BC and then slowly declined from emigration and Roman conquests. Not much remains to tell the story of the people that lived the pagan culture but we do have some art that has been carried down. Many Christian rites and holidays we have today are descendants of the Pagan rites and holidays. Pagan rituals and beliefs revolved around nature and they were intimately connected to such, especially trees and water. Take a peek at our Celtic Pagan store for interesting products with the Pagan theme.


Celtic Festival


Celtic Highland Games