Irish Wolfhound Gifts

Irish WolfhoundIf you are in the mood to buy an Irish Wolfhound gift for a friend, you may want to check out your nearest gift shop, or pet store, or try online shopping for a much larger variety. Believe it or not you are certainly not alone in looking for a gift of that nature, since many people are proud owners of Irish Wolfhounds, and some of the owners themselves are Irish too!

The history of the Irish Wolfhound may be long, going back to the 2nd century. Irish Kings used to pride themselves on their wolf dogs or hounds, precursors to the Wolfhound. The dogs were known in Iceland as well. The old wolf hound was used for hunting deer, boar and wolves as well as guarding property. These were pretty ferocious dogs unlike the modern Irish Wolfhound. It is believed that some of the old war hound breed still survives in the Irish Wolfhound but interbreeding with other types of large dogs, such as greyhounds, Great Danes and Mastiffs, created a different type of dog, and the original Irish hound is extinct. The Irish Wolfhound was known also as the Irish greyhound in early times. They are the world’s tallest dogs and come in a variety of colors such as cream, black, reds and grays.

The type and selection of Wolfhound gifts is pretty amazing. This is a large group of people crazy about the breed. How about a small bronze statue of one? They are available. What about a snow globe? Yep, you can get one. For the lover of Irish products and Irish dogs it would be nice to combine a package of gifts such as figurines, blankets or key chains with Irish gifts such as jewelry, t-shirts, pins or Decals. Use your imagination and you can think of a gift basket I am sure.

Available on the market are some of these other unique Irish wolfhound gifts. There is surely one that will please anyone who loves the breed. Some ideas are, business card holders, door knocker, fleece blanket, scarves, hats, t-shirts, pendants, hair jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, decals and coffee mugs.

The Irish Wolfhound is a sweet and friendly breed, and many people would not buy any other type of dog. If you or someone you know is a fan of the wolfhound getting them an dog gift is one thing they will always remember you for. People who are crazy about certain dogs also love dog gifts equally. As well, there are many avid collectors of wolfhound products and I am sure they would love to add to their collection. The possibilities could be endless.

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