Irish Hats – The Tweed Style

irish hatAs strange as it may be the Irish are known for the excellent quality of their hats.  Any Irish gift shop you enter will have a variety of Irish hats.  It is one of the products in the Celtic community that the Irish are known for.  A decent Irish hat is a gift to cherish.  You may want to put it on your own wish list or purchase one for someone you know.

The Irish hat comes in a variety of styles, for both men and women.  They are both stylish and warm.  The well known Irish hats are usually handmade in Ireland of 100 percent wool.  The most famous of the Irish styled hats are the tweed styles.  Irish tweed hats can come as a hat or a cap, as you will read.

Buying an Irish tweed hat

Irish tweed hats come in a large variety.  They are mostly thought of as a man’s hat, but there are versions for ladies.  Most are made in Donegal and classified as Donegal tweed.  Irish tweed hats are comfortable, made of new wool and will last your life time.

One popular style of Irish tweed is the walking hat designed back in 1968.  Both men and women use Irish walking caps, depending on the color or style variation.  Some of the Irish tweed caps are made with a patchwork of different wools.  Usually those are suitable for women as well as men.  A patchwork hat is one that literally has a patchwork of different colored wools sewn together to make a unique look, so you and your partner can have different looking hats.

The Eske version of the Irish tweed cap is more of an oval shape and pulls down farther on the head.  It has a downward hanging flared brim all the way around, and is similar in style to the beach-bum hat you see at the beach.  These fold easily to fit in your coat pocket or bag, but will easily reshape when needed.  Both men and women wear this style.  They come in solid colors all the way through the patchwork style.

The Sherlock Holmes style hat is also a version of Irish tweed.  It of course is made of new wool like the others but resembles the hat you picture on the famous Sherlock Holmes character.  This is a popular hat for the intellectual set. These hats have ear flaps, sometimes adjustable, and can be in solid colors or a patchwork style.  Imagine walking around town smoking your pipe in this one.  Very cool!

The thatch hat is yet another version of Irish tweed hat.  It closely resembles the Eske hat but the all-around soft brim is nearly straight down and not very flared.  It is slightly more square on top.  This is a popular hat for ladies to wear on a rainy day or when walking on a chilly day.  It can be easily folded and placed in a pocket, purse or bag.  It comes in a variety of traditional wool colors such as browns or grays or also in a patchwork style for a little more color.

Another style of Irish tweed is the flat cap, sometimes called the vintage cap.  It is the style that sits more on top of your head.  One of the more common Irish caps, you can see men wearing them as they drive around in their convertibles, or at the horse race track, or as they stroll into town for a formal occasion.

Irish tweed hats are timeless gifts for the very special people in your life or for yourself.  The quality is excellent and unrivaled in a hat.  Everyone feels Irish when wearing one, but you certainly don’t need to be Irish to recognize quality and timelessness.


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